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About Us

今天,全球化3.0已经拉开序幕,我们希望为这一伟大的进程贡献力量。为此,从2016年5月开始,In-ideal不断聚集最优秀的国际贸易人才和IT科技精英,采用最为前沿的 IT技术全力打造前所未有的跨境贸易领域企业级应用软件,旨在帮助中国卖家、全球买家从企业到个人,建立一个从线下到线上更加高效、开放、完整、健康的交易生态。



1. 帮助客户获得持续的商业价值;
2. 员工是最重要的长期合作伙伴;
3. 技术推动商业进步;

Today globalization 3.0 era has kicked off, and we want to contribute to this great process. To this end, from May 2016, In-ideal continue to gather the best international trade talent and IT elite, using the most cutting-edge IT technology to create unprecedented application software for enterprise in cross-border trade field, designed to help Chinese sellers , Global buyers from the enterprise to the individual, to build a more efficient, open, complete, healthy trading ecology.

Mission: Use technology to promote global cross-border trade more efficient and prosperous.

Vision: Become a leader in technology & data services in the global cross-border trade field.

1. To help customers achieve sustained business value;
2. Employees are the most important long-term partners;
3. Technology promote business progress.